Since last few decades, an evolution in drug delivery systems has been prominent trend in pharmaceutical research. Increasing clinical development costs, declining drug-discovery process, low clinical success rates, complexity of development cycle and impact of newer diseases like Covid-19 on economy and execution are negatively influencing the R & D pipeline. The search for novel, new or innovative drug delivery approaches is a rapidly increasing in the field. All the big pharma companies are already diverting and adapting their R & D strategy by selecting multifunctional therapeutic agents, innovating new target oriented drug delivery systems, repurposing generic drugs, and investing in robust drug product and intellectual property (IP) strategy. To increase R&D efficiencies, is it very important to limit the portfolio risk and related cost. It is equally important to increase innovation potential internally and an openness to collaborative research externally with competent partners.
The emergence of Nano and micro particle based drug delivery platforms greatly impacted value of R & D of drug pipeline, Nano and micro particle based drug delivery platforms offer several technical and strategic solution to above challenges. Nano and microparticle platforms not only offer unique chemical/physical properties to therapeutic drug but they also improve product performance thereby increasing the profitability and market sustainability.